Halo Sport 2

The newest addition to the Halo Neuroscience ever growing line of products.

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Project overview

How we balanced individuality and familiarity to create the striking packaging for our award-winning second generation product.

My Role was to concept and design from scratch.

Halo Operations - Design Director: Andy Slopsema. VP of Operations: Doug Jeffery. Senior Mechanical Engineer: Ian Shain.

Balancing Individuality
and Familiarity

Halo Sport 2 is the all-new version of the world's first consumer brain stimulator for athletes and musicians. With this second generation product, our goal was to perfectly balance individuality and familiarity.

When we began brainstorming for Halo Sport 2, we started with the bones of Halo Sport 1: a hinged gift box with a plaster inner tray and/with a layer of colored cardboard attached to the upper hinge. The initial concepts maintained Halo's ethos, but incorporated new colors to advance the brand.

Exploring Color

To emphasize growth between products, we committed to introducing a fresh new look for the entire brand. We started by exploring color, with a focus on White, Dark Gray, and Light Gray, each with their own unique meaning for the brand.

The Meaning of Color

Futuristic Giftbox
Futuristic (light gray) direction shows the brand's evolution from black to white, which leads a wide range for other products to be introduced under this spectrum.
Industrial Giftbox
Industrial (dark gray) direction is the product aligned color skeem. This version represents the most natural evolution from Halo Sport 1.
Evergreen Giftbox
Evergreen (white or green) speaks to the healthy human aspects of the Halo Neuroscience brand by using friendly bright colors.

Taking Hard Lefts

Early in our packaging process our company's direction.The Halo Sport 1 box was loved by users worldwide, but it was costly. As a team we decided to create a less expensive box that could minimize shipping costs while still feeling like a premium product. After this pivot, we went to the drawing board gather references and concepts. See some of our moodboards and concepts below
See full moodboard here

Dial it in

The ability to control product distribution opened up another level of flexibility. We realized we are able to say more with less without the constraints of other Consumer Ready Packages.

“Every part of the packaging is designed to be clean and direct. The design is simple in a world of clutter and constant sensory over-stimulation.”

We established that by using white as a solid, clean base for our box we are able to draw attention to the product. There are two primary ways to highlight Halo Sport 2: product-focused photography and in-situation photography. We used Autocad renders and good ol' fashion photography techniques to explore both methods and find the specific shots we liked.

*Product focus lets the product speak for itself. It creates a beauty shot of the remarkable engineering that went into this premium product.

*In-situation helps consumers understand what they are getting. It is no secret that we are selling a brain stimulator that for many consumers requires a learning curve.  

After meetings with key steak-holders we as a company made the decision to move forward with a more product-focused photography route.
After hundreds of shots, the team was able to narrow down our hero shots. The criteria for our hero shot was to display the headset as a whole, while also drawing attention to the foam nibs.
Hero shot that follows the band to lead you throughout the products
The official box is currently in distribution. Click here to read about the internal contents of our Halo Sport 2 package.

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