Balancing Individuality and Familiarity: The Design Process of Halo Sport 2 Packaging

The article discusses the design process behind the packaging for Halo Sport 2, the second generation product of the world's first consumer brain stimulator for athletes and musicians. The team aimed to balance individuality and familiarity while exploring new colors and packaging concepts. They ultimately decided to use a white, clean base to draw attention to the product and focused on product photography to showcase the engineering behind the premium product. The article highlights the various decisions and design concepts that were explored throughout the process.

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From Trial to Paid: How Philo's Email Onboarding Series Increased Subscriber Retention.

Philo faced challenges in retaining subscribers beyond their 7-day free trial, due to a lack of engagement with users during the trial period. To address this issue, we developed an email onboarding series with the aim of converting trial users into paid subscribers.

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Redesigning Philo's Landing page

In this way, with ten warriors, I built a series of three steps from the ground to the shoulders of the topmost man. Then starting from a short distance behind them I ran swiftly up from one tier to the next, and with a final bound from the broad shoulders of the highest I clutched the top of the great wall and quietly drew myself to its broad expanse. After me I dragged six lengths of leather from an equal number of my warriors.

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