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Expanding Sign-Up Experience Across Devices: Fueling a Remarkable Increase in Conversions!

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Is the settings page the best place for consumers to start their watching experience?

Philo is a streaming service that offers live TV and on-demand content. The company's goal is to provide a seamless user experience for its customers, but the device onboarding flow was not meeting this goal. Initially, after a user completed their payment, they would be directed to a settings page with only two above-the-fold interactions leading to the watching experience.


Based on our data, we have found that the likelihood of payment is three times higher when users log in on another device during the trial period. To encourage users to log in on another device, we decided to implement a step-by-step flow that provides instructions on setting up Philo on those devices.

To achieve this, I proposed three different concepts transforming the settings page into a setup page.

Concept 1: Device Selection

Users would be able to choose their primary streaming device, then be directed to a page dedicated to helping them install the Philo app on that specific device.

Concept 2: Setup Instructions

Users would be able to access instructions on setting up their primary streaming device. For certain sections like iOS and Android, we could include a download button that leads to the respective app stores.

Concept 3: Promoting TV Sign-Up

We could include a CTA below the mobile app download button, directing users to TV sign-up instructions.

Testing the MVP

After presenting all the concepts to stakeholders, we decided to move forward with concept 2.

Results from the MVP Test

After presenting the flows and designs, we decided to test concept 2, the instruction setup. The test ran for 8 weeks and resulted in a platform-wide sign-in increase.

  • Mobile sign-in increased by 6.9%.
  • Android sign-in increased by 23.4%.
  • iOS sign-in increased by 2.5%.
  • 10' sign-in increased by 1.1%.
  • Android TV sign-in increased by 2%.
  • Fire TV sign-in increased by 6%.
  • Roku sign-in increased by 1.1%.

These results suggest that concept 2 was successful in increasing sign-ins across all platforms. The increase in sign-ins was particularly significant for Android and Fire TV, which saw sign-in increases of 23.4% and 6%, respectively.

We believe that the success of concept 2 can be attributed to the following factors:

  • The instructions were clear and concise, making it easy for users to set up Philo on their devices.
  • The instructions were tailored to each specific device, ensuring that users had the information they needed to get started.
  • The instructions were accompanied by screenshots, which helped users visualize the steps involved in setting up Philo.

We are pleased with the results of concept 2 testing and believe that it is a valuable addition to the Philo sign-up flow. We plan to continue using concept 2 and will monitor its performance to ensure that it continues to be effective.