Staff Designer @ Philo

Leveling Up Philo's Landing Page: Supercharging Sign-Ups with a Fresh Look!

Check out the live design here: Philo.com

Philo's landing page is the first interaction a user has with Philo—not only is it the beginning of their journey within the platform, it's also a point of validation. When a user's first impression is less than positive, it automatically deters them from wanting to move forward. 

Philo's 7-day free trial tends to have strong conversion rates, but even offering a free trial only goes so far in encouraging users to subscribe. Before users even take the relatively low-risk step to sign up for the trial, Philo needed to start building their trust.

Up to this point, Philo's landing page had been underperforming. Testing smaller features on the page consistently resulted in tests being declared null. Our goal was to run a new test on the page with more significant changes, with the hope that it would dig the landing page out of its rut.

I started by exploring three different approaches to constructing this landing page, each with different focuses.

Product-focused - leading with philos features and how the product is great.

Education-focused - Educating users on what Philo is, how to use it, and why they need it.

Content focused - Showcasing all of the best content that Philo has to offer.

I started by gathering inspiration and designing something that would be eye grabbing. I did as any designer would do, I crawled the web for competitors and to see how they constructed their websites.

However, I knew that at the time, philo really wanted to showcase shows within TV’s to really sell the “cut the cord for cable” Idea + users that convert tend to watch on 10’ more than any other device. This prompted me to look into TV product websites such as Vizio, Samsung, LG just to familiarize myself with displaying a TV on a website. 

As I was concepting the landing pages, I took this opportunity to push Philo’s branding, as I did for the Onboarding series. I wanted to really create synergy within our brand’s ecosystem. I also moved towards a darker, more cinematic color scheme. I really wanted to position Philo as a friendly and approachable platform, however I didn't want to come off as a kid's friend but a young adult early 20's as a business professional.


We were able to successfully move the needle, which had been the original goal, and results were overwhelmingly positive. Our measure of success was to increase conversion in general—both for sign-ups and then for trial to paid subscription—and we observed:

- a 6.2% increase in first payments
- a 5.0% increase in subscribers
- a 5.7% increase in sign-ups

Overall, the test also resulted in a certain win (99.9%) over the control/original landing page.