Staff Designer @ Philo

Experimenting for Success: Philo's Unique Social Content Strategy with The Playback

Our brand team at Philo had a vision to revolutionize our content promotion strategy on organic social channels. To achieve this goal, we proposed a unique video series featuring a rotating group of hosts who would share their top show picks with the audience. However, we faced several challenges, including limited budget and resources, and no established framework for measuring success.

As a member of the team, I was tasked with researching and compiling a budget proposal, identifying necessary resources and expenses, and seeking approval from stakeholders to move forward. After securing the go-ahead, I was responsible for securing a location and acquiring all the equipment necessary for the shoots.

During the actual shoots, I was heavily involved in the technical aspects of the production, including setting up lighting, marking talent, and positioning the camera for optimal shots. I also used a lavalier microphone and other sound equipment to ensure the audio quality was top-notch. As the director, I worked closely with the talent to get the best possible performance from them.

Once the shoots were complete, I moved onto the post-production phase. I edited the videos using Adobe Premiere, synced the audio, and incorporated clips from the featured shows. To further enhance the visuals, I utilized Adobe After Effects to add some creative flair to the final product. As the project neared completion, I provided input on the logo design to ensure that it fit seamlessly with the overall theme of the video series.

Our exciting campaign is still ongoing, and we are continuously working to improve it. We are currently running several A/B tests to determine the most effective way to engage with the audience and increase viewership. By analyzing the metrics and engagement data, we are confident that we can achieve even greater success in the future. Overall, Philo's innovative content promotion strategy has been a rewarding experience that has helped us learn and grow as a team.