Staff Designer @ Philo

Increasing User Engagement and Searchability with a New Content Module: A Philo Landing Page Case Study

Discovering the Challenge

As a member of Philo's Product team, we were tasked with testing different iterations of Philo's main landing page to determine the best way to increase user engagement. Through experimentation, we discovered that showing content examples on the page yielded higher engagement from users. I recognized that this presented an opportunity to create a new content module to change how we promote top-performing content titles on these pages to help increase conversion.

The Solution Finding Process

Initially, we faced a challenge: we did not want to group channels by genre, and the shows took up a lot of real estate on the page. To address this, I decided to conduct a competitive analysis and a creative audit of other streaming services to understand their thought process on packaging channels and content on their pages. By studying their approaches, I was able to gain valuable insights that would help me design a solution that fit Philo's visual identity and user flows.

Developing the Solution

I then began several explorations to find a solution that would work for Philo's unique needs. I carefully analyzed the user journey and designed a new content module that showcases top-performing content titles in a way that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. I made sure to take into account Philo's branding guidelines to ensure that the new content module fit seamlessly with the rest of the landing page.

While the solution is still ongoing, we are already seeing positive results from this campaign. By showcasing content examples on the landing page, we have increased user engagement, and the new content module has helped to improve conversion rates. While we have not yet established any clear metrics, we are continuously monitoring the results and making adjustments as needed to ensure that the campaign is successful in the long term.

Measuring the Results

Overall, this was a challenging but rewarding project that allowed me to use my creativity and problem-solving skills to develop a solution that would benefit both our users and our business. I look forward to continuing to work on this project and to finding new ways to improve the user experience on Philo's landing page.